sunbather project

Here is my new endeavour.  I waded out at Koeel bay and took some photos back towards the shore.  This is the ‘caves’ beach and the sunbather is lying under a cliff.


This is the first one.  I want to do more, so lets see.  I still want to find a technique to capture the water which reflects the light and the rocks but it is also clear so there are colours from under the surface AND the foam throws a shadow in the shallows.  I have read about pouring techniques but that seems like a whole new mission.  I have also thought of trying airbrush.  I like the idea that the viewer completes the picture though.  think think…


2 thoughts on “sunbather project

  1. This is quite amazing art you produced here. The detail and depth is incredible and keeps my eyes coming back for more. As a fellow artist I have to say this is truly “superb” work. Hope to see more from you in the future and wish you all the very best for your artistic future. I am sure your work is greatly appreciated.

    God bless, Anna

    • thanks Anna – shooee that was quick – I have just published the note. This is great encouragement. I am trying to get in all the painting before my other life starts somewhere before the middle of January. I love meeting other artists in this blogosphere place.

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