Koeelbay – 20090102

Yesterday I took some pictures at Koeel bay and spent time last night and this morning on this picture.  This is my favourite beach spot in False Bay – that is Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain on the horizon


There is still a way to go but I am losing steam on this today and have a new idea for a painting that I want to start with.  Later perhaps I will have energy to complete this.  The middle ground rocks need a bit more oomf.

03 January – I have updated the picture – what do you think?



2 thoughts on “Koeelbay – 20090102

  1. Thank you for all your nice comments. I love your work. I wish I was right here in this one. It is so cold here today, -30!
    I would never be able to do watercolour ….I have tried. I am an adder … more, more, more. If I painted with waterclour my subject would get so tight because I would be afraid of making a wrong mark and not being able to go back or (as I always do) go over it! Hope you have a wonderful new year! Maria

    • Hi Maria
      thanks for the comments – watercolours want to do their own thing. I want to control the painting too much – so it is an area of development for me. I read Charles Reid every night and slowly I am beginning to understand about standing back and letting them go. And the rest is skill, to be developed over the rest of my life. A journey. But sometimes so frustrating

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