last post for 2009

The name of this post sounds like a dirge.  But I think it is a milestone.  I completed two paintings this afternoon which I think represent a step forward for me.  There is still much work to be done but there is improvement.  I have redone Ethan doing an ollie and Calvin on his skateboard.


Here is Ethan doing an ollie – without the tree in the background.  It looks better I think.  Actually I have painted a wash on his arms to warm them a little.


And here is Calvin skating off to surf with his friends.

Well that is all for 2009 I think.  As the last of the great party animals I am completing this listening to Olga Kern play Chopin’s Piano Concerto No.1 which is heavenly music.

2 thoughts on “last post for 2009

    • Hi Mary

      OK – I get it – I have moved to a different blog and I missed this note.
      thanks a stack and great to see you here

      Have you got your site set up?

      My other blog is at http//

      Cheers hey

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