22 December project

Here is a painting of a waterfall near George.


I have had a couple of attempts and this morning I did a careful drawing of the facets in the rocks.


And here is the first wash.  I am already wishing I had used 300 gm paper rather than 185 gm which conkles and feels like it will tear easily.


Here is the next wash.  I started at the rock at the top of the fall and worked my way down and around.  Of course working up the other side got me into trouble as water ran down the picture so I had to work upside down a bit.  Like the Joker in Dark Night, when he says “Do I look like a man with a plan?”


Well some detail here.  The water got  bit out of hand and I should have taken a break. Now I am feeling tired and have lost my concentration a little.  I am going to go and help Donovan dig holes for his kid’s Jungle-Jim.  When I get back I will see if it can be redeemed.


OK now it is way past my bedtime and I have been working this past hour and a half on my picture.  It is probably time to put it aside for a few days and then finish it and decide whether it is a keeper or not.  Perhaps I am still working too big.  The size is 56×38 cm.  And the washes use a LOT of paint.  I get the feeling that my pallette and the paper is fatigued.  There really is a pool in the middle of the rock – with green water in it though perhaps I need to tone down the green a little.

Time for a snooze.  I have such a lekker idea for a new painting and want to start now but – “more is nog ‘n dag” as they say in the local venacular.

24 December:

Last night I wrapped presents then found myself drawn to the picture.   The lights and darks were not pronounced enough so I worked on them a bit.  And this is what it looks like now:


I would like to say this is it but I think the rocks need more definition.  How long did they take to assume their character?  And now I want to find a quick and easy way to portray this?  It is not right it seems.

Anyway – it is almost done AND I started on my new project – it is about butterflies and it is going to take a long time – watch this space.  I have also progressed on a figure painting that is almost ready for publication here.  Now it is time to cycle (to avoid the jam) to the mall for a final purchase.


2 thoughts on “22 December project

  1. love how your rocks came out. It’s looking great.

    I do have some questions….what is a “lekker” idea and what does “more is nog ‘n dag” mean?

    (I’m thinking it means less is more, but I’m not sure.)


    • Hi Carol
      Thanks for the feedback. There is one final pass required for the picture I think. Even though each wash seems to carry the risk of overdoing things. I love the vibrancy of Charles Reid’s watercolours and he seems to do them in one or two washes.

      “Lekker” literally means sweet. But colloquially means “great, nice” or “a good thing”.
      “More is nog n dag” means “tomorrow is another day” the Afrikaans people say this when more work is required but the time is up for the day.

      I will remember to contain my slang in future. This blogging is really a lot of fun.

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