Yesterday’s pipe picture

I move my spot by about Two meters yesterday, where I had a view of Table Mountain in the distance.  I was just settling down to paint when a wedding group arrived to take shots of the bridal party.  I decided to include them in the picture but have to admit that I spun my wheels a bit and didn’t settle down till they had gone.  And I had left my camera in the car, which was an added element of disorganisation.  In any case here is the picture.  I eventually added the group in from memory.  When they left the groom smiled at me.  There was a pregnant moment when I could have chatted to him but decided not to intrude in their day, which is not my usual thing.  So we grow.

Pipe beach with Table Mountain and the Wedding Party

I also saw, over the back of the dune where I usually sit, there is a beautiful view of False Bay and Cape Hangklip which I will do next time I do not have to shelter from the South Easter.  Strand is a great walking beach, especially at this time of the year, there are always people walking up the fence, just beyond the pipe and back.  I tried to capture some of them too.

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